The Maine Frame Hygiene Test

Jul 26, 2020

Four Factors of Hygiene

Analyze your hygiene habits and level-up on your routine by adding more ways to practice personal hygiene.

Hand Hygiene

  1. Wash Your Hands
    Your hands are the part of your body that can come into contact with germs the most. Prevent illnesses and the threat of World Germination by washing your hands with your ally, Hygienix Germ-Kill Soap. To win the battle against these germs, we need to know our strategy and when we must strike. Check out our battle plan [insert article link] to find out more.

  1. Trim Your Nails
    Long nails can be hiding spots for germs where they secretly wait to attack. Eliminate the places where they stay and keep your nails clean and trim.

  1. Be Mindful of What You Touch
    Our Maine Frame shows that our hands are capable of transferring and propagating the germs around us with every item we touch. Be careful in touching things that could be contaminated by practicing proper handwashing after. Limit the things you get your hands on so that you can also prevent the sneaky attacks of those pesky germs!

  1. Have Your Handy Sanitizer Ready for Attack
    Whether your weapon of choice is a hand gel or alcohol, these will help in your attack against any germ invasion. Bring your trusty Hygienix Germ-Kill Hand Spray, Hygienix Germ-Kill Alcohol, or Hygienix Germ-Kill Hand Gel wherever you go!

Body Hygiene

  1. Shower Everyday
    Your daily bathing removes all the dirt and germs that have made its way to your body. Knock them out with Hygienix Germ-Kill Soap!

  1. Wear Clean Clothes
    Dirty clothes can attract a host of our germ enemies who could create an unpleasant odor. Always wear a clean set of clothes to keep them off.

Hair Hygiene 

Wash Your Hair

Your routine in keeping your hair clean must be specific to your scalp type, hair type, and your activities. Check out our guide below.

Shampoo Daily

  • Those with an oily scalp
  • Those with fine hair    
  • Those who exercise or sweat a lot
  • Those who live in humid places    
  • Those who have dandruff

Shampoo Every 2-3 Days

  • Those with thicker hair
  • Those with curly hair
  • Those with a less oily scalp
  • Those with dry hair

Those who are less active and sweat less

However, in certain scenarios where you feel the need to shampoo more, you are free to do so.

Cut Your Hair

The longer you let your hair grow, the more it can be prone to becoming frail and brittle. Trim your hair every 6-10 weeks to keep it nice and healthy.

Massage Your Scalp

Improve your scalp’s hair follicle production by regularly massaging your scalp. Throughout the day, devote 5 minutes to give yourself a relaxing scalp rub.

Oral Hygiene

Brush Your teeth 

Some germs think they have won by making their way into your mouth. The fight is not over! Brush your teeth after every meal to leave them no chance of 


Don't Forget to Floss

Be the guard of your gums. Floss to block off settling bacteria that could lead to gum disease. 

Gargle Too

Don't give germs a fighting chance. Gargle with a cleansing mouthwash after brushing your teeth to make sure to keep bacteria away.

Benefits of Maintaining Good Hygiene

Why is it important to pass the Maine Frame Test? There are loads of benefits for having good personal hygiene. Here are some advantages to making the most out of your hygiene routine.    

  1. Improves Health
    Fighting off our foes with better hygiene practices prevents illnesses. Trust our Maine Frame to find ways for you to keep your body’s defenses up against World Germination

  2. Improves Skin
    Washing your body, hands, and face helps exfoliate your skin. Regular exfoliation prevents clogged pores that result in fewer breakouts. In the long run, exfoliation increases collagen production, leading to glowing, vibrant skin.

  3. Improves Confidence
    Presenting yourself as clean, tidy and neat can boost your confidence in social situations. Practicing proper hygiene can give you a better view of yourself and brings out the self-assurance to mingle with others.

  1. Improves Body Image
    Having good hygiene habits allows you to bring forth the most presentable version of yourself. Seeing this will help you embrace your appearance for its own beauty and thereby raise your self esteem.

Take the Maine Frame Hygiene Test out for a spin and see if your hygiene habits make the cut. Counter the attacks of harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria with a bulletproof personal hygiene habit and bring out the healthiest version of yourself. 


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