Proper hand washing techniques
In a world that’s invaded by germs, we have the power to put a stop to its attacks on us. Combat germs like viruses and bacteria by keeping your hands clean. Check out our strategy to
The Maine Frame Hygiene Test
Will you be able to pass the Maine Frame Hygiene Test? Take a look at the factors of good hygiene below and scan yourself to see if you practice good hygiene.
Scoping the Battlefield: Why is
In any battle we face, it is important to know our enemy and see how they attack. Just because our hands look clean, an invisible war is waging. Using ou
Why is it important to wash your
Our bodies are not the only thing that needs to stay clean and germ free. Our home faces World Germination too! Don’t let the enemy sneak into your camp.
5 Facts and Myths on Hand Washin
Hand washing is our first line of defence against illnesses, diseases, and infections. Germs lurk in every corner, seeking to invade our bodies. Our hand