Proper hand washing techniques

Jul 26, 2020

The Strategy on Proper Handwashing

In a world that’s invaded by germs, we have the power to put a stop to its attacks on us. Combat germs like viruses and bacteria by keeping your hands clean. Check out our strategy to put an end to World Germination.

When Do We Strike?

The enemy is always on the alert. Germs like bacteria, and viruses lurk around the corner, waiting for you to let your guard down. Beat them to the punch and strike them first! Wash your hands properly before they get a change to attack you. 

Wash your hands...

  1.    Before, during, and after preparing food

Germs try to make their way into the food we eat. We are responsible for defending ourselves against these harmful substances by preventing their entry through washing our hands before, during, and after meal preparation. 

  1.    Before you eat your meals

Still, these germs force their way in by clinging to our hands right before we partake of our food. We must wash our hands before we eat to bar their entry into our body.

  1.    Before and after treating cuts, scrapes and various wounds

Open wounds are another way they try to infiltrate our body. We should defend ourselves by cleaning our hands before we medicate cuts, scrapes, and wounds. These wounds may have also attracted germs already. It is therefore imperative to wash our hands after medicating as well to prevent the further spread of germs.

  1.    After using the toilet

Our hands become habitable for germs when we use the toilet. We can immediately put a stop to their lurking by thoroughly washing our hands right after using the toilet.

  1.    After changing a child’s diapers or helping them use the toilet

Likewise, after we help a child use the toilet or change their diapers, we need to eradicate the germs that try to settle by properly washing our hands.

  1.    After blowing our nose, coughing, or sneezing

When we cough, sneeze, and blow our nose, we are also releasing viruses and bacteria. We are responsible to prevent the further spread of these by not only doing it properly and disposing of used tissue, but by washing our hands after.

  1.    After touching pets and animals, their food, and cleaning up their waste

Germs can spread through our pets too. That is why it is necessary to wash our hands after handling them.

Pet food and treats may contain harmful bacteria that could stay in our hands.

As we all know, animal waste can be a haven for bacteria and germs. So we must prevent spreading these by properly washing our hands after cleaning up their waste.

  1.    After touching garbage

Trash is one of the homes of germs. Once we properly dispose of our garbage, we must immediately clean our hands from the possible transfer of germs.

  1.    After doing cleaning chores

In our quest to eliminate germs like bacteria and viruses from our home, we must be aware to wash our hands after cleaning to block them from any chance of latching on to us.

  1.    After visiting a public place, using public transportation

We can come into contact with all sorts of germs in the outside world. Let us defeat our enemies by clearing them out of our hands after visiting public places and using public transportation.    

  1.    After seeing your hands are visibly dirty

Most of the time, we are unaware of germs in our hands, but sometimes, there are also visual indications. When our hands are visibly dirty, we can get the cue that it is time to wash our hands

How Do We Attack?

In any battle, we must follow the right strategy to make our attack. Follow these techniques to end World Germination!

The 6 Stages of Battle

  1.    Wet Your Hands - Prepare your battle station.

Run your hands and fingers through clean water to prepare the area for maximum attack against germs and add our weapon, Hygienix Germicidal Soap!

  1.    Lather The Soap - Take your aim.

Do some damage to those germs. With Hygienix as our weapon, these germs won’t know what hit them. Foam up the soap to prepare our ammunition. Hygienix is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of disease-causing germs.

  1.    Scrub Up - Charge at our enemies!

Sneak up on the germs and terminate them in their hiding place by scrubbing all areas of your hand. To obliterate every single one of them, scrub for 20 seconds. Go between your fingers, at the back of your hand and even underneath your fingernails and leave them no place to run!

  1.    Rinse The Soap Away - Clear the battlefield.

Make sure no trace of soap is left on your hands. Run your hands under clean running water to wash away all the defeated germs.

  1.    Dry Your Hands - You have won this battle against World Germination!

Dry hands prevent germs from multiplying. Don’t let them come back that easily! Show off your victory by air drying your hands or wiping them on a clean towel! Hygienix has a non-drying formula and refreshing scent so no matter how often you wash your hands, it stays soft and pleasantly moisturized.  


Put an end to World Germination. Make sure that you properly wash your hands by using our tactics on attacking germs!


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